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Protecting Ireland’s Magnificent Coastline

Join us in this vital mission to safeguard our coastal heritage and foster a more sustainable future for all.

Welcome to "Beaches and Dunes for Climate Adaptation: Training for Communities,"

We are an innovative and collaborative initiative led by Leave No Trace Ireland in partnership with the Atlantic Seaboard North Climate Action Regional Office (CARO NW), Galway University, and the Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim Education and Training Board (MSLETB).

Dunes Information & Resources

A repository of educational information, documents and links.

Beaches & Dunes Forum

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I Like Dunes

Geotag and monitor your local beach.

This project is dedicated to empowering local communities across Ireland's magnificent coastline to actively engage in and contribute to coastal protection and climate adaptation strategies.

With a focus on the sustainable use of beaches and dunes, our goal is to equip community leaders and groups with the essential knowledge and skills needed to mitigate climate change impacts and enhance the resilience of our coastal environments.

Climate Change Resources

Climate Change Adaptation

Planning for the adverse effects of climate change.

Climate Change Information

Climate Change’s influence on the history of life on the planet.

Just Transition

Transitioning towards a climate-neutral economy in a fair way.